APdocDr. Aarti Patel, N.D. specializes in integrative endocrinology, using both natural and traditional medicine to help women and men achieve hormone balance at any age. She also treats common autoimmune symptoms, digestive complaints, and skin conditions.

Dr. Patel seeks to find the most simple, effective, personalized, and realistic treatments for each person by drawing common sense connections between their symptoms and lifestyle factors. Each of her services aims to discover these underlying roots toward better health both inside and out.

The best medicines are the ones that resonate with an individual’s lifestyle and create space for natural healing. Using this philosophy, Dr. Patel tailors each visit to the individual and creates effective and user-friendly treatments that benefit patients both short-term and long-term.

Dr. Patel is California licensed and board-certified. She received her 4-year naturopathic doctoral degree from Bastyr University in Seattle. When Dr. Patel is out of the office, she enjoys reading and going for walks around the neighborhood with her son, Lukas, and her cat, Hana.