8 Ways to De-stress Acne Breakouts

Posted by on May 13, 2015 in Acne, Adolescent Health, Blog, Skin Health, Stress |

Stress is something we all go through in life, and it often shows up on the skin as well—for many in the form of chronic acne. In the quest to cure acne breakouts, it can be tempting to spend time in front of a mirror while scolding the skin for behaving the wrong way. Hours of internet searches for acne products and fixes can further gobble up a whole day. Guess what usually happens next. Acne symptoms get worse from the increased stress...

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Acne—Is It That Chocolate You Ate?

Posted by on Feb 10, 2015 in Acne, Adrenal balance, Blog, Hormone Balance, Stress |

Is it that chocolate you ate, or the mocha latte, or the dairy or gluten that caused that last acne break-out? These thoughts are common to many who deal with acne, and unfortunately the body doesn’t make it very clear which outside influences have a direct effect on those pesky pimples. Eventually, every food can become scary to eat, and everything you put on your face or body can make you wonder whether the ingredients will alter the...

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What’s Missing in Treating Acne

Posted by on Oct 25, 2014 in Acne, Blog, Mental-Emotional Health, Skin Care, Stress |

When it comes to healing acne, relying on specific treatments alone seldom does the trick. Those who deal with acne symptoms know the frustration of trying product after product, treatment after treatment (whether they are natural or conventional in nature). After a while, it can start to feel like nothing will work and then the desire to give up can set in. Don’t give up!  You can dig deep and get the results you want with your skin....

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Five Mind-body Tips to Improve Acne

Posted by on Nov 22, 2013 in Acne, Blog, Mind-body, Skin Care, Skin Conditions |

Skin can appear to have a mind of its own. People dealing with acne often find it challenging to tell which factors makes symptoms feel better and which ones make them feel worse. The mind-body connection may be the missing piece and it can help form a solid foundation for preventing and reducing acne symptoms. The skin is a physical boundary between us and the world around us, and it reacts to daily life just like we do. In addition to healthy...

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