8 Ways to De-stress Acne Breakouts

Posted by on May 13, 2015 in Acne, Adolescent Health, Blog, Skin Health, Stress |

Stress is something we all go through in life, and it often shows up on the skin as well—for many in the form of chronic acne. In the quest to cure acne breakouts, it can be tempting to spend time in front of a mirror while scolding the skin for behaving the wrong way. Hours of internet searches for acne products and fixes can further gobble up a whole day. Guess what usually happens next. Acne symptoms get worse from the increased stress...

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Anxiety Relief From Homeopathy

Posted by on Apr 7, 2014 in Anxiety, Blog, Homeopathy, Mental-Emotional Health, Skin Health, Stress |

Homeopathy can be helpful for treating symptoms of anxiety and other ailments that tend to cluster with it, including hormone imbalances, skin symptoms, allergies, and digestive symptoms. While certain treatments target anxiety specifically, they can miss the mark in treating the whole picture of anxiety which is both physical as well as mental-emotional. Homeopathy is a therapeutic and energy-based medicine that is effective at treating not...

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