Having a hard time unwinding from a long and stressful day? Let your feet do the walking toward increased relaxation. A foot soak is therapeutic, calming, and easy to perform for unwinding.

The feet can get tense and worn out after a full day, and the extra care that you show them can extend throughout the whole body. A soak gets the circulation moving, calms the nervous system, and helps clear crowded thoughts from the mind.

Follow these easy steps for a quick foot soak after work or before bed:

  • Fill a foot bath with enough hot water to soak both feet (making sure it is not too hot)
  • Pour in:
    • 1-2 capfuls of your favorite bubble bath,
    • half a cup of Epsom salts,
    • or some soothing bath oil
  • Soak feet for 20 minutes
  • Use a pumice stone to exfoliate any dry or flaky skin
  • (Optionally) apply a foot mask and leave on for 20 minutes–ex. Soothing Foot Mask, from ISUN
  • Rinse off feet
  • Apply moisturizing lotion and massage into sore areas
  • (Optionally) cover feet with warm towel for 5 minutes
  • Put on thick socks to seal in moisture if you have dry skin

Pair with a cup of tea, a good book, and enjoy!