Pick a health issue, any health issue. Acne, weight gain, fatigue, mood swings?

Today, a lot of focus lies on changing eating habits to improve these health issues. While eating healthy is great, it’s a challenging journey and this goal can use a bit of help from time to time.

What can help naturally change eating habits in a more healthy direction, while also bringing major improvements to your symptoms and overall health? Movement and hydration. Let’s not call it exercise and immediately think of the gym. Let’s not call it water and jump to the recommended 8 glasses a day.

Let’s think about movement and hydration in terms of physiology. Detoxification in the body, chemical processes, digestion, circulation, and the healthy balance of hormones and neurotransmitters are all supported by movement and hydration. The body’s internal activities aren’t asking you to clock in 10 hours at the gym each week or force down 8 glasses of water a day. They’re asking you to move and hydrate. Simple.

Whichever way you choose to move and hydrate is up to you. The easier to apply to everyday life, the better the health habit and the more potential it has to improve your life. Don’t like the gym? Take up walking, dancing, biking, or yoga. Match your body’s fitness level and potential with an activity of your choice that gets you to simply—move. Don’t like forcing down 8 glasses of water per day? Drink some healthy water-based beverages like tea, lemon water, or cucumber and mint water. If you drink caffeine or alcohol, make sure to balance those drinks out with proper hydration.

Movement and hydration are key to your body’s performance on every level, both physical and mental-emotional. And they naturally help spark healthier food cravings and meal portions too. If you haven’t experienced the movement or the hydration you want in your life lately, brainstorm on how to bring it back.