light bulb with treeBelow is a list of additional natural health tools, resources, and recommendations (click on the blue links for more info) and you can also visit the FAQ’s page for more information about the practice.



  • East Bay Homeopathic—Dr. Patel’s homeopathy services
  • Labrix Lab—Expert salivary hormone and neurotransmitter testing.
  • Koshland Pharmacy—Quality custom compounding pharmacy for bioidentical hormones in the Bay Area.
  • Imagine Hair Beauty—510-526-8288, quality hair wash and cut with Amy. Very therapeutic, especially on a weekday (best to schedule an appointment beforehand).

Bioidentical Hormone Replacement

Dr. Patel’s Books

  • The Art of Health: Simple and powerful keys to creating health in your life (new patients receive a free copy in-office)
  • Picture It: Homeopathy: A picture-based guide to homeopathic remedies and personalities

Natural Skincare