Dry skin brushing:  What is it? Let’s think about your facial skin for a moment. Skin experts often recommend some way of sloughing off dead skin cells from the face, whether from exfoliating or some other esthetic technique. Not only does the exfoliation prevent build up and clogging of pores from old skin cells. It also increases hydration, detoxification, nutrition, and blood/lymph flow in the tissues right underneath your skin. The result—healthier and more refreshed looking skin.

Remember that your whole body is covered with skin now. What do we do to help bring these same health benefits to the tissues underlying all of your skin? Skin brushing is one great way to do this. Skin brushing is simple and can be performed within a few minutes prior to taking a shower. The bristles of a skin brush are slightly stiff and stimulating when brushed across the skin. Simply follow these steps before your next shower:

  1. If you don’t have a skin brush, visit a health or beauty store near you to find one
  2. Make sure your skin is dry before you start
  3. Brush your extremities with firm but gentle circular motions, moving from the tips inward toward your heart
  4. Do both arms and both legs one by one
  5. You can do circular brush strokes from right to left around your belly button and abdominal area (for digestive support)
  6. If your brush has a handle, you can brush your back, neck, and shoulders too
  7. One or two drops of lavender essential oil can be applied to the bristles before brushing
  8. Make sure that the skin doesn’t become irritated (or too red) as you go. If so, reduce pressure
  9. After brushing, clean off with a shower

Dry skin brushing increases blood flow, gets the lymph moving, stimulates digestion, invigorates the skin, and supports detoxification in an easy and affordable way. It can also help support weight loss along with a healthy diet, movement, and hydration. Try it out and see what health benefits skin brushing brings to your body.