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  • Before I started the regimen that Dr. Patel prescribed for me, I was barely keeping my head above an ocean of cyclical depression. Ten + days before my cycle the dark cloud would visit in a timely manner and loom over me until my bleeding would finally release it. When I visited medical doctors twice for some answers, they wanted to “try out” some drugs “to see” which ones would work, birth control being one of the options. I wanted to *understand* what was happening to my body, not play ring around the pills and take my body through a roller coaster of changes in the *hopes* that one of them would become the fitting band-aid.When I visited Dr. Patel, I found her super easy to talk to, as she is a great listener, patient, and extremely knowledgeable. She knew which tests to run (some of which I did at my other clinic so my insurance could cover it) and used the results to help me understand how my lifestyle was affecting my body. She prescribed a regimen of effective and affordable herbs, along with a temporary homeopathic regimen. It didn’t take long for me to notice the looming cloud thinning out each month. Magic.After about six months, I feel like I’m walking on water. While life has gotten busier and more demanding, the shift has made it feel possible to tackle life while taking on more self care activities. I’ve included gym visits and salt baths twice a week to my routine. Before this, I would not have thought it possible to maintain self care, single mothering, and working overtime as a possibility.Dr. Patel has also started me on a fitness routine to help strengthen my core. She’s full of solutions, and unlike a traditional doctor’s visit, you’ll actually have time to ask questions, receive detailed answers, and discuss a plan of action for your condition that works for you. My visits with her are the best investments I’ve ever made. –RC, Oakland


  • Dr. Patel is a really wonderful naturopath! Unlike some others I have had in the past, I feel like she meets me exactly where I am at, and creates a health plan with me that is going to serve me at that particular time in my life. She has helped me to acknowledge that health is going to look different at different times in life. We work together on focusing on what we can do, rather than focusing on all the things not to do. The plans we make together are manageable and helpful, and it feels like we are on a journey together. I would definitely recommend Dr. Patel!  –JM, Berkeley


  • If you are having skin challenges, please visit Dr. Patel! I have been experiencing a skin rash on my face for about a little over a year and I visited about 10 different dermatologists and doctors at Kaiser and everyone was baffled as to what was causing my skin condition. All my blood work came back clean. The doctors therefore had no answers for me.

As you can imagine, a rash on your face can be devastating but continuing to visit different doctors and no one has an answer for you is a very frustrating experience.  I have been on an antibiotic for 3 months and my entire goal was to get off the medication and really focus on healing my body.

My good friend suggested to see a Naturopathic Doctor.  I was very skeptical about the entire process.  I called and spoke with many doctors and found that most were trying to sell me.  I then spoke with Dr. Patel and she was very genuine.  She wasn’t trying to sell me.  Her pricing was fair and she was honest.  I scheduled a visit with her.

After the first appointment, she gave me so many tips on how to manage my stress as that was her thought on what was causing my skin condition.  She really made me realize WHY my body was reacting the way that it was.  After a year of cutting out different foods, doing allergy testing, reading a million articles on possible causes, Dr. Patel was able to give me some insight on my skin challenges.  After leaving her office, I felt like I FINALLY had answers and she equipped me with the tools to cope with my stress levels and change my outlook on my skin as a whole.  I have been off the medication for almost a week now and no skin flare ups!! I can see my skin finally healing!  I am forever grateful.  –RG, Oakland


  • I have been under the care of Dr. Patel for about a year now. She is very patient and thorough in unmasking physical problems much like a detective. Her care and concern for my health is obvious from her kind and gentle attitude. Not only a first class health practitioner but a wonderful human being.  –LG, Albany


  • Dr. Patel was very easy to talk to and worked with me to find a solution for my acne that was tailored to my needs. I had acne for eight years that got very bad towards the end of puberty-large cysts that refused to heal all over my jawbone, upper lip, and forehead. I had tried almost every treatment out there with little consistent results. I maintained a healthy diet/lifestyle, supplemented, etc. and had tried everything out there but still struggled with bad breakouts and was fed up and miserable. I also had hormonal imbalances contributing to the problem. After seeing half a dozen people for my skin she was the first practitioner to point out the mind body connection and how my feelings towards my skin and stress may be contributing to the breakouts. She was very compassionate when I was in tears discussing my skin and constructed an easy to follow plan of action that included a good face wash and moisturizer, a face washing routine (I was too brief and harsh when I washed my face), a hormonal progesterone cream to get my cycle back on track and reduce PMS symptoms, a homeopathic remedy for my skin, and a mind body relaxation and visualization exercise to do every day. As a college student, my budget was limited but her price was very reasonable and she also gave me discounts on the products.

I still use the face wash and no longer need the progesterone cream as it balanced my hormones after three months of use and I am now regular and PMS free. After my hormones became balanced, my skin mostly cleared up and I was able to clearly see how stress contributed to it. At times when I was stressed, I could see and feel bumps starting to form! In the past, I would focus on them, attack them with harsh products, pick at them, and stress more, of course causing more breakouts. Now, I try to reduce my stress using some of her relaxation and visualization techniques and pay the least attention to my skin as possible except for light washing-and those bumps usually disappear in hours to a day. My skin is smooth now and I only have the occasional breakout, and my scars are healing. I am incredibly happy with my results. I would recommend Dr. Patel to anyone with skin or hormone issues.  –MN, Berkeley


  • Prior to seeing Dr. Patel, I was aware of my health issues, but was completely unaware about how they were connected. Dr. Patel explained to me how the body’s system’s are interrelated and how each point of one’s health affects another point, providing me with a big picture understanding of my health. This understanding provided the impetus I needed to deal with a major factor in my life: stress, which was affecting hormone balance, skin health, and metabolism. Throughout the process, Dr. Patel was accessible and helpful in providing encouragement and answers to my questions. I also absolutely loved Dr. Patel’s practical, suggestions, many of which involved making simple adjustments to what I was already doing. Many suggestions added enjoyment to my life such as trying out new music during exercise and stretching for relaxation. I noticed increased energy, clearer skin, and a general sense of balance and well being. I plan on keeping up with my treatment plan!  –JK, Rochester, NY