Does everyone have a natural thirst for water? Apparently not, since we’re always hearing how people don’t drink enough of it. Around two thirds of the body is made up of water, so you do thirst for it on a physiological level. Since each person’s lifestyle is different, however, an individual will have a unique relationship with water that is different from the person sitting next to them. It’s important to look at this factor to get proper hydration.

An athlete will thirst for water in a different way than someone who primarily works at a computer. A woman who is pregnant will desire water differently than a teenager. Advocating a strict 8 glasses of water a day does not take into account who is drinking the water, and sometimes this can hinder consistent hydration. Who’s doing the drinking?

Some people also find great pleasure from caffeinated drinks and sodas, which meddles with the natural thirst for water. Are you facing the challenge of your body asking for more hydration while also feeling bored or disinterested with water? Take into account who you are and make water work for you as an individual. Here are some examples:

1) If you tend to run on the hot side and sweat easily, adding cucumber slices and mint leaves to your water can be refreshing and help cool you down.

2) If you’re a student, sprinkle Emergen-C or some other vitamin powder into your water for energy and flavor.

3) Feeling sluggish in your digestion? Drink warm water with lemon 15 minutes before or after a meal.

4) Want health benefits along with hydration? Try out different types of teas, such as chamomile for relaxation and digestive support.

5) Forget to drink water altogether? Drink 1-2 cups before leaving the house, 1-2 cups while you’re out, and 1-2 cups when you return. The regular act of drinking some water will return a natural thirst to your body.

With balanced hydration dry skin will feel plumper, blood and lymph flow will increase, and the body’s detoxification processes will work better. Develop a realistic relationship with water that works for you, and hydration will become easier. You’ll also see whole body benefits to your health on a physical and mental-emotional level.